Sept. 16, 2017
Finally, our power is back on and our phone and internet are working at
the clubhouse and office.  We had some damage to roof shingles at the
clubhouse and on some of our homes. A few trees came down on top of
our units. No major damage there. No injuries we reported in our
community and in Delray Beach.  The clean up has begun, mostly tree
branches and leaves. Some of our street lights tipped over and will be
repaired soon.  All and all we were very lucky.  We are using our
contingency fund to pay for the clean up. Below are some photos.

Sept. 26, 2017
The clean up is almost complete.  The large tree stumps have been
removed. Next our landscaper will replace the sod and our tree service
company will start trimming trees and removing the limbs and branches
that didn't fall.
Thanks to Ron Tocio for riding herd over the clean up crew and keeping
our costs down.